Guest Commentary

We need guardians with guns in our schools

School Shooting Florida

“The problem doesn’t lie in the inner workings of a gun; the problem lies in the inner workings of the shooter,” writes D. Louise Brown. 


GOP is a one-ring circus with a delusional ringmaster

Trump walks

I returned a Republican survey uncompleted. I once had some respect for the party. That has been eviscerated by the man selected to lead the GOP and by Congress with its lack of disaster recognition. The president in almost every respect is a liar or he allows distortions and petty grievances to...

Guest Commentary

“You are a communist that hates Donald Trump and this country"

Trump Astros Baseball

Guest columnist Don Porter shares emails from his readers.

National Commentary

Pompeo may have a better chance of succeeding as Secretary of State

Trump Tillerson

Pompeo's best chance for success lies in persuading his boss that he is not, as Trump once said, "the only one that matters" in foreign policy.

National Commentary

Elon Musk brings back the Age of Exploration

Trump Immigration Entrepreneurs

“The founder of Tesla and SpaceX is, through his brio and technological prowess, bringing back a whiff of the Age of Exploration, the time when men launched across oceans in rickety ships in pursuit of the unknown (and perhaps untold riches),” writes Rich Lowry.


Use military personnel to guard public schools

Manning Wikileaks

President Donald Trump wants to have our school teachers carry guns and defend our students from gun-toting terrorists. This is a bad idea. Our teachers have enough to do educating, guiding, testing and evaluating students — not to mention that most teachers would not have the heart to shoot...

Our View

Wanted: People to run for office in Weber County. Deadline to apply: Thursday

BZ 110717 Voting 04-2

Ideas always benefit from critique and refinement. But when a candidate goes unchallenged, so does that candidate’s ideas.

Guest Commentary

Aren’t we all lobbyists from time to time?

Legislative Session Ends

“Legislation and public policy impact every single one of us. Lobbying is the channel we use to react, respond and advocate,” writes Robert Hunter.

National Commentary

Trump evangelicals have sold their souls

Trump Prayer Breakfast

“Trump's nasty mash-up of the power of positive thinking, the Playboy philosophy and the will to power is a naturally poor fit for religious conservatives. Or so one would have thought,” writes Michael Gerson.


Ogden police officer expertly helped baby locked in car

Police lights

On Friday, March 9, my wife and I were having breakfast at a local restaurant. When we glanced out the window, we saw two young women who had just left the restaurant looking desperate because a small baby belonging to one of them had been accidentally locked in the car. Have no fear — an...

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